The football field and also the dimensions of its

The football field and also the dimensions of its

 The size of a football (soccer) field is aproximatelly hundred metres in length and sixty metres wide, but in recognized video games there are laws about the minimum and maximum dimension. In the world football the most recognized dimensions are the ones that was decied by FIFA (The Federation Internationale de Football Association).

Football field with measurements in meters

Based on the stipulations from FIFA a football field needs to have certain maximum and also minimum dimensions:

The duration (touch line) needs to be least ninety metres (hundred yds) and maximum 120 metres (130 yds).

The width (goal line) needs to be least forty five metres (fifty yds) and maximum ninety metres (hundred yds).

For international matches the guidelines are relatively stricter:

The duration must be least hundred metres and maximum 110 metres.

The width needs to be minimum sixty four metres and maximum seventy five metres.

The aim area The goal area is definitely the little package inside the penalty area. The FIFA rules stipulates that the distance from every goalpost on the lines which moves parallel with the contact type must be 5.5 metres. When the color of a regular goal is put it will make the distance between the lines 18.32 metres.

Goal area with dimensions in meters

The penalty area The penalty spot will be the larger package around the aim which combines the end goal area as well as the penalty mark. The lines which extend to the fields are 16.5 metres and they’ve a 40.32 metres distance from one another.

The penalty mark is eleven metres from the goal line and based on the fields’ goal line.

Penalty area with dimensions in meters


A really widespread field dimension among the best clubs in the planet is hundred five x sixty eight metres (114.8 x 74.4 yds) since this’s a suggestion from UEFA. Some famous stadiums and also the dimension of the football fields:

Camp Nou: 105 x sixty eight metres

Wembley: 105 x sixty eight metres

Old Trafford: hundred five x sixty eight metres

Emirates Stadium: 105 x sixty eight metres

San Siro: 105 x sixty eight metres

Allianz Arena: 105 x sixty eight metres

Maracanã: 105 x sixty eight metres

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium: 105 x sixty eight metres

Stamford Bridge: 103 x sixty seven metres

Anfield: 101 x sixty eight metres

Based on the guidelines of UEFA, it must be an extra 1 3 metres beyond the touchline on the advertising boards.

The grass

The grass length The standard length of the lawn on a pitch is 25 30 millimeters. The lawn is usually cut from side to side, in each alternate length, that brings noticeable stripes on the lawn. This’s designed to assist the assistant referees to identify offsides simpler giving vertical references.

The drainage Among the UEFA guidelines is considerations for water drainage. In order to stay away from that pitch is loaded with water in rainfall that is heavy, it ought to be a sand dominated root zone below the pitch turf. Underlaying this sand dominated zone is a pipe drained sub-base.

The grass types Depending of the weather, various turfgrass is needed. In cooler areas grass species as ryegrass, tall faescue and meadow-grass is utilized. In hotter areas, species like bermudagrass, zoysia species plus seashore paspalum is being used.